Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The credibility of the Bible

The issue of religion, and it's credibility, has been around for nearly all of history. One of the most popular, and controversial topics to date has been the Bible. Though it is arguably the most commonly printed (and stolen) books in history, a vast majority of people do not believe what is contained in its pages. Many very intelligent people have brought forth many excellent arguments against its credibility and sustain that what is published in its pages is purely fictitious. I do not believe this to be the case. It is clear to me that what is presented throughout the Bible is true
and without flaw. Today I would like to explain why.

One of the main arguments against the plausibility of the Bible is that it was written by a few men who wanted to start a religious movement. Allow me to explain the flaws in this theory. To begin with, the Bible was written over 8,000 years by many different people. Lets look just at the New Testament. It begins with four 'books' which are all written by different men on the same subject, Jesus. These men all were witnesses to the events which they wrote about and conducted careful
interviews with other people present at these events. It would have been very difficult for them to publish lies about events that people had witnessed, especially with many of those people still alive.
Another excellent argument against the Bible is that it's  impossible. And yes, many of the events that occur in the bible would be impossible, if God had not intervened. Using the resurrection of Jesus as an example, we could easily say that a man cannot come back to life after being dead three days. There are witnesses and accurate historical documents to say that Jesus was crucified and that he was buried. There are also witnesses who went to his grave to say he was not there, and many people he appeared to after his death, proving he was alive. Once again, this is proven by the writings, which, as I explained before, would have been considered heresy if written when people who had witnessed the actual events had been alive.

Perhaps the argument that I hear the most  frequently is that God simply does not exist, and therefore the Bible cannot be true. But I would like you to consider the opposite. If the points in the Bible I have presented are true, thus proving it's accuracy, how can God not exist? None of that would be possible without Him. And so I would ask you to consider this the next time you are confronted with the Gospel. And if you have any questions about it, shoot me an email: s3nat0r1@mail.com
I'd be glad to point you in the right direction.

Praying for you all,


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