Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Cooper Mystery

As it is the anniversary of the D.B. Cooper hijacking today, I thought it fitting that I write something to enlighten you about a mystery that is quickly being forgotten.

As I said, most people appear to have forgotten the D.B. Cooper hijacking that took place on November 24, 1971. Allow me to summarise the event for you:

On November 24, 1971, a man identifying himself only as 'Dan Cooper' got on a Boeing 727 flight in
Portland, Oregon. He sat in the back row of the plane. After sitting through around half the flight, his face hidden by his dark sunglasses, he called over a stewardess and handed her a note, stating that he had a bomb and was taking over the plane. He said he wanted $200,000 in twenty dollar bills and both a front and a back parachute. Upon receiving these items he proceed to let the passengers off the plane, and then take off again. Then he jumped out of the plane. Despite all the massive searches and investigations that have been done, a small portion of that money has ever been found, and Cooper was never caught.

I left out a few details there, but for good reason. I want to show you how they tie in to the investigation. For starters,  the FBI  found the tie that Cooper was wearing when he got on the plane. They searched it for DNA but somehow found none until recently. So that was one lead that was useless. Another thing that was very important in the Cooper investigation was the parachutes he requested. He requested two very specific military grade parachutes. But despite how this narrowed down the list of suspects, the FBI could not pin down the jumper.

The FBI has a massive file on Cooper, stored in a case over 40 feet long. They are sifting through over 1,000 suspects, trying to find a man they know very little about. Their most promising lead, though one they refuse to consider, is a case built by a woman named Jo Webber. Webbers' husband Duanne confessed to  the hijacking on his deathbed and Jo has spent the years since then trying to prove it. If the Cooper case interests you I recommend you look into the case she has compiled.
The main problem with the FBI's case  is that they have ignored several important witnesses from on the plane. There were several people on the plane who were never interviewed by the FBI's investigation team. And by doing this they left out what could be crucial evidence. Other people have gone and found these witnesses in order to conduct interviews with them, but the FBI has never bothered to do the same.

I said before that only a small portion of the ransom money Cooper took was every found. To be more precise, exactly $5800 has been recovered. It was found in a small river near Vancouver, Washington by an 8 year old boy named Brian Ingram. The bills were brought to the FBI and shown to be legitimate. The FBI took possession of the bills, but Brians' family, believing that the bills were rightfully theirs, spent years in court with the FBI, only to win back a small portion of the bills.
Another interesting thing about the Cooper case is how his name came to be. When the hijacker bought his ticket for the flight that he took control of, he identified himself as Dan Cooper. After an extensive search it was found that the name may have come from the french comic book about a military parachutist named Dan Cooper. But for those of you that have already heard of the case, you will also recognise the hijacker as D.B. Cooper. This is because at the very beginning of the case a reporter misheard the FBI agent he was interviewing and published the name as D.B. rather than Dan Cooper,  and  the name stuck.

Cooper was very likely killed during the jump, seeing as he jumped from 10,000 feet and was wearing clothing that were not suitable for the storm he was in. Assumed to have fallen into the forest around his jump site, no sign of his body was every found.

If Cooper is still out there, maybe (but not likely) reading this very post, I must congratulate him on his jump. I am in no way condoning what he did, but what he did, he did well. Anyone who can do what he did has intelligence and self-discipline to be admired.

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Global warming... What I think I know

Global warming is something that humanity has been concerned with for several decades now. But do we actually know anything about it? Can we do anything to stop it? Is it even a real thing, or just a scam set in place by scientists?

To start with, I want to tell you that global warming is a real issue. An infinite amount of studies have been done showing that over time our atmosphere has been warming up. Many people will question these studies, saying that they are faked, but enough people who are not connected have done studies that show evidence proving global warming is a true concern.

Can we do anything to stop global warming? That cannot be sure. If we could determine an official cause for it, rather than just saying that it is the fault of humanity for cutting down the trees and killing the atmosphere then maybe we could. But what if there has just been an increase in solar flares? Then there is nothing we can do about it. But lets assume the scientists are right, that we have destroyed our atmosphere by killing the trees. Then we are already doing everything we can to make this right. We are planting trees and starting recycling programs so that we consume less of the materials that are protecting our atmosphere. There is nothing else we can do.

As a result of global warming we have a very big  problem. The glaciers are melting and our water levels are rising as a result. If the water levels get too high then the lower coastal regions will begin to flood and we will end up under water.

Personally, I have read a lot of studies on global warming and have found that yes, temperatures have increased, and I am willing to believe that something is happening. What it is, I cannot say for sure but I think we should all consider the possible effects of this.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The world at large

A few days ago, our world was shaken when the city of Paris was attacked by the  terrorist group known as ISIS. Earlier this year, Paris was attacked by ISIS and 17 people were killed. This more recent attack was much larger and Paris lost over 100 men, women and children. This is, to say the least, a terrible tragedy. But why is this happening? ISIS is attacking the countries which are putting in the greatest resistance against itself. France so  far has been one of the greatest supporters of the war against ISIS, a service for which we are incredible.

I have heard it said that the U.S.A. has enough troops and firepower to end any war within two weeks if they were to dedicate every resource. Why has this not been put to the test? If we truly are trying to end terrorism it must be destroyed completely. ISIS and its affiliates must be destroyed. But our governments around the world are seeing the attacks in Paris and around the world and they are becoming afraid that the same thing will happen here. We need to follow the example set by France and do everything we can to end this war, despite our fears.

I mentioned on my Twitter feed that I would also like to talk about  the Syrian refugee crisis today. I only have a few things to say about this, as I do not have extensive knowledge about it. I would like to point out that there are thousands of refugees currently without homes. There is also many people and corporations like Bill Gates and Apple that have billions of dollars at their disposal and are doing nothing to end this problem. If they were to collaborate and spend a few million dollars each they would be able to house and feed thousands of refugees.  With enough sponsors, an island could even be purchases for the refugees, providing them with a home, even their own country. It disappoints me that we all talk about fixing these problems and changing the world but we do not use every available resource to resolve the issues presented to us.

This is just a quick peek at my view of these issues, things that I have noticed and wanted to point to you. If you have any ideas or opinions on this, comment below or send me a message on Twitter. Thanks for reading and remember to keep both the Paris and Syrian people in your prayers.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Understanding death

As it will be Remembrance Day for us Canadians tomorrow, I would like to take just a moment to remember the lives of the people who bravely fought and died in service to our country. And to those who survived the war, I thank you for your service.

Today I would like to write about something that is a very difficult subject for many of us: Death. I think it's fairly safe to say that most of us know someone who's died, and  all of us will live through a funeral for a friend or a family member. It's a terrible thing to watch someone close to us die, but do we really know what happens after that? Lets take a look.

In ancient Egyptian culture it was believed that you really could take it all with you. The Pharaohs were buried with gold, jewels, tools and sometimes servants, that were all there to help them in the afterlife. The people wanted their kings to have the best possible 'lives' when they got where they were going. The people who were not worthy of the afterlife had their hearts eaten and were not given the privilege of walking with Ra in the afterlife.

The Greeks and the Romans had very similar views of what the afterlife was like. They believed that when we die, we all go to hell. Of course there are three different categories in this version of the afterlife. The first was the fields of punishment, which was for the damned, the criminals who were to be punished. The there was Asphodel, where the souls of the people who led neutral lives were found. These people were neither punished or rewarded, they simply existed. And finally the 'heaven' of Greek and Roman mythology, Elysium. Elysium was where heroes were sent for their aftterlife, where they were eternally rewarded.

In Mexico, death is celebrated. Every year there Los Dia De Las Meros, or the day of the dead. The people celebrate the lives of their loved ones, trying to communicate with their spirits. I honestly don't know much about this so I'll leave it at that, but if you can help me out, comment below.

As a Christian, I believe that there is two ways I can go after we die. Heaven or Hell. Those who serve Christ, obey Him  and repent of their sins are forgiven are allowed to enter Heaven. Those who deny the name of Christ and turn their backs on Him, unrepentant of their sin, are giving the afterlife they themselves have asked for, one without Christ. They are punished for their sins in Hell forever.

Buddhism on the other hand, presents the idea that when you die, you are continually reincarnated until you reach a  state of neutral karma. Those who live a good life are reincarnated as higher beings, and those who live a life of sin are reincarnated as lesser creatures as punishment. What happens after the cycle of reincarnation and the reaching a perfect state, I do not know.

The final viewpoint I  want to present you with is the one that scares me most. This is the atheistic viewpoint. As atheists do not believe in God, they also do not believe in an afterlife.  They believe that when you die, you simply stop existing. You simply decompose and become part of the earth. You have no soul, and so there is nowhere for it to go. You cannot be punished or rewarded, and  your entire life is lived for nothing.

As you can see there are a number of different views of death, each  with their own ideas  to present. I cannot say for certain what happens when we leave this world, but I can tell you that there is something. I know what I believe. I hope this post has given you something to think about. Comment or tweet me your thoughts!


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Water is the cause of 100% of drownings

A recent study by American scientists has shown that water accounts for 100% of drownings in the United States. After the information was presented to  the nation health committee on Thursday, it was decided that we must take action against this danger. Albert Skoff, head of the national health committee, says "Drownings are a constant danger and  concern in this country, and we must do everything we can to prevent it. With this new information about the cause of these drownings I believe there is only one course of action we can take. We will have to ban water." Skoffs' plan to ban water will involve fencing off lakes and rivers, building a giant wall to block off the oceans, and closing all water distribution plants. No information has been given regarding how rain will be eliminated, though the theory that the government controls the weather and  will stop all precipitation prevails.
The citizens of the United States are in an uproar regarding this news. "All these years I kept my kids close to such a huge danger! And they told us water was a good thing," cries one outraged mother. A middle aged pool owner is in shock, "I never would have opened a pool if I knew drowning was such an issue," he says "If I had know I would have bought an ice-cream truck"

The vote on whether or not we ban water will take place this Friday at 10 P.M. Be sure to keep informed because if the bill is passed then all water based products in your home will have to be taken to the nearest police station for disposal.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

The concept of beauty

You know what has always astounded me? The concept of beauty. There have been many beautiful women throughout history, many of which we do not know what they looked like. This is  what bothers me. See, beauty is perceived differently all over the world, and over time our concept of beauty changes. So what did these women look like? Queen Esther, Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. They have all been described as the most beautiful women in all  the world. Of course the only one of these that we  have seen is Marilyn Monroe. But these others, what did they look  like? There are no known descriptions of their beauty, just as there are no universal standards of beauty. Cleopatra may have been an average looking woman to our eyes. All over the world we perceive beauty every day. And yet we do not know what it truly is. From what did Shakespeare base his Juliette? What beauty was his inspiration? Beauty, I think, is something so intricate, so complex, that it is not meant for us to analyze, but simply to enjoy. So next time you see something beautiful, don't bother to  pick it apart. Try to see the big picture, a figure of beauty in this world of ours.
Another thing I've noticed about beauty is that we find new things beautiful. The things that we find the most common are the ones we find the least beautiful. For example, if you take me, a Canadian who sees snow 6 months of the year, I don't find it beautiful. But someone from Mexico, who comes up here for whatever reason, will be amazed at the beauty of the snow. It's incredible how we forget the beauty of the things we see every day. Lets try to remember the beauty in ordinary things.
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