Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Global warming... What I think I know

Global warming is something that humanity has been concerned with for several decades now. But do we actually know anything about it? Can we do anything to stop it? Is it even a real thing, or just a scam set in place by scientists?

To start with, I want to tell you that global warming is a real issue. An infinite amount of studies have been done showing that over time our atmosphere has been warming up. Many people will question these studies, saying that they are faked, but enough people who are not connected have done studies that show evidence proving global warming is a true concern.

Can we do anything to stop global warming? That cannot be sure. If we could determine an official cause for it, rather than just saying that it is the fault of humanity for cutting down the trees and killing the atmosphere then maybe we could. But what if there has just been an increase in solar flares? Then there is nothing we can do about it. But lets assume the scientists are right, that we have destroyed our atmosphere by killing the trees. Then we are already doing everything we can to make this right. We are planting trees and starting recycling programs so that we consume less of the materials that are protecting our atmosphere. There is nothing else we can do.

As a result of global warming we have a very big  problem. The glaciers are melting and our water levels are rising as a result. If the water levels get too high then the lower coastal regions will begin to flood and we will end up under water.

Personally, I have read a lot of studies on global warming and have found that yes, temperatures have increased, and I am willing to believe that something is happening. What it is, I cannot say for sure but I think we should all consider the possible effects of this.

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