Monday, 2 November 2015

The concept of beauty

You know what has always astounded me? The concept of beauty. There have been many beautiful women throughout history, many of which we do not know what they looked like. This is  what bothers me. See, beauty is perceived differently all over the world, and over time our concept of beauty changes. So what did these women look like? Queen Esther, Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. They have all been described as the most beautiful women in all  the world. Of course the only one of these that we  have seen is Marilyn Monroe. But these others, what did they look  like? There are no known descriptions of their beauty, just as there are no universal standards of beauty. Cleopatra may have been an average looking woman to our eyes. All over the world we perceive beauty every day. And yet we do not know what it truly is. From what did Shakespeare base his Juliette? What beauty was his inspiration? Beauty, I think, is something so intricate, so complex, that it is not meant for us to analyze, but simply to enjoy. So next time you see something beautiful, don't bother to  pick it apart. Try to see the big picture, a figure of beauty in this world of ours.
Another thing I've noticed about beauty is that we find new things beautiful. The things that we find the most common are the ones we find the least beautiful. For example, if you take me, a Canadian who sees snow 6 months of the year, I don't find it beautiful. But someone from Mexico, who comes up here for whatever reason, will be amazed at the beauty of the snow. It's incredible how we forget the beauty of the things we see every day. Lets try to remember the beauty in ordinary things.
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