Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Chance of Christ

The other day I was reading a book called 'The Case for Christ," and it inspired me to tell you all about the evidence that exists proving that Jesus Christ once walked the earth, died and was resurrected. I hope this post can be enlightening to you.

Have you ever read a biography? A person telling the story of another persons life? There were four of those written about Jesus. Four men took on the task of researching Jesus and interviewing the people who witnessed his miracles. The biographies they wrote are called 'The Four Gospels,' and are the first part of the Testament.

Now some of you may not believe that the Bible is credible, but I would like  to point out some evidence for these passages to you and urge you to read my previous post on 'The credibility of the Bible.' Now as I said, there were four biographies written about Jesus. The authors of these books are well known as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Now we can believe that what they wrote is true, in part, because so many people who had been  witness to Jesus' miracles were still  alive. These men would have had a difficult time making up a  story that so many people could have disproven.

A while back I read an article saying that Jesus' body had been found in it's tomb and he had therefore never risen from the dead. I would like to point out that modern times are the only ones that have claimed this. In the first century even the Roman government did not deny that Jesus' body was not in the tomb. Rather, they crafted a story about how the disciples had stolen the body. But how would that be possible? Eleven ordinary men against a couple of Roman soldiers. The Roman military men knew that if they failed at their duties they would be executed, so they would not have let this happen.

Another interesting argument that I read is that Jesus never really died, but rather faked his death on the cross and then escaped when Joseph of Aramathea was burying his body. This is quite far fetched because, as is clearly pointed out in the gospels, Jesus was pierced in the side with a spear, which likely would have pierced his vital organs, if not his heart.

Many people have claimed that Jesus was insane, believing he was the son of God. This is a point disproven both by the bible and by science. Jesus fits the profile, exactly, of the Savior described throughout the old testament. The are hundreds of different criteria he would have to fit, and he did it. The odds of that are less than one in a trillion. As for his sanity being proven by science, modern psychologists have reviewed the gospels, looking for any sign of a known mental disorder. They found nothing. All this evidence aside from the impossible miracles he performed. It seems pretty certain that Jesus was as sane as you can be.

I hope this can shed some light on the likelihood that Jesus truly did walk the earth, die and was resurrected. Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment, share and follow me on Twitter!


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