Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New  Years everyone!! 2015 is finally over and 2016 has begun. It's been a long year and perhaps a difficult one, but we made it through and are now starting fresh. In light of New Years many people will have made resolutions that they will  try to keep in the new year. But are these resolutions always such a good idea? Maybe, but maybe not. Let's talk about that.         

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New Years resolutions can be an excellent thing. They give you a goal to strive for, and when you succeed at your goals it gives you a great  feeling to  know that you have accomplished something.  New Years resolutions often act as new beginnings and a time to make big changes in our lives.
From a psychological standpoint, having goals like New Years resolutions can help us function better and improve our outlook. Having goals to reach is one of the best ways to further psychological growth. New Years resolutions can be a very good thing, benefiting both ourselves and others, but as always, there is a dark side.


Have you ever had a goal for the new year that you didn't reach? Say for example you wanted to lose 50 pounds and only lost 15. That can have severe affects on a person. When we continually fail to
reach our goals we become less likely to set new ones and thus lose out on the positive effects of attaining a new goal. So setting goals for new years can be very harmful to our psyche.

New Years resolutions can be notoriously hard to keep. All the stress of the holidays compiled with the added stress of reaching a difficult goal make it very difficult. Statistics show that 95% of new years resolutions fail within the first month. But if we can maintain control ourselves and keep on towards our goals for about 40 days they can become habit. If that is something we can attain it can be hugely helpful and very fruitful. It also helps to grow more habits once we already have the self-control to maintain one.

                                  Have you kept your resolution so far? Tell us here!

I'm not going to tell you whether or not setting new years resolutions is a good thing, but I will advise that you be careful when setting them.  Set goals that are attainable, not impossible and you will be much better again.

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